Barley, Hops and Yeast

Welcome to Merson Brewing

Brew PotI have often been asked, over a beer at my local homebrew supply, how long have I been brewing? I can unabashedly claim "Since I was a kid." This is not because I am some 20-something college kid making a brew for the next fraternity party. Quite the opposite, age wise.

Beer is living proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy.

—Benjamin Franklin

I think my father must have started brewing the day it was made legal, with me next to him watching the pot to make sure it did not boil over, and running to the fridge to get him another beer. Of course, the beer should be opened and prepared for my father, and in my eyes, the fragrant foam that came out the top of that cold Lone Star was fair game. No point in wasting anything. What happened between the fridge and the boil pot was nobody's business but mine and the beer's. This has become quite the right of passage for the Merson males; the day you can first send the boy to the fridge to fetch you another beer is a special day to be cherished.

With this site, I am hoping to document the thoughts and processes that have gotten me this far into my brewing obsession. I will be starting with the current RIMS system, and then expand with my planned, single tier Brutus style system.